Career Achievements

Avi Ceder practical science-based significant achievements to date are: (1) developed new trcartoon 2 affic control center and its modeling and software for the entire city of Haifa with ½ million inhabitants (appear in 10 Journal (10-J) papers); (2) developed modeling of scheduling for the EGGED agency of 4000 buses (12-J papers); (3) developed modeling and methods from which the entire Hong Kong Ferry network was constructed (2-J papers); (4) approved, helped and pursued the project of the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, known as Terraces of the Baha’i Faith, on behalf of the Mayor of Haifa Arie Gurel, alongside Architect Fariborz Sahba (1-J paper); (5) developed innovative scheduling software methods for OPTIBUS software used in a few countries in Scandinavia (20-J papers); (6) developed the modeling and simulation of a smart bus shuttle service for the Bay Area Transit System (BART) in California (6-J papers); and (7) collaborated on future development of the public-transport control center of Beijing built for the 2008 Olympic games with US$ 25 million dollar project controlling 5000 GPS-equipped buses (2-J paper). Received the 1st Best-paper Award at CASPT2022 (Nov. 2022), and Lifetime Contribution Award by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), USA, in January 2024.

Scientific Impacts

Avi Ceder most significant contributions are: (1) as the sole author of the books Public cartoon 3Transit Planning and Operation: Theory, Modeling and Practice, Elsevier, Oxford, UK, 640 p. 2007. This book was translated to Chinese by the Tsinghua publication press, Beijing, China, 2010; 2nd edition Public Transit Planning and Operation: Modeling, Practice and Behavior, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, London, UK, 742 p.2016. This 2nd edition was translated to Chinese in 2017, and to Korean in 2018; (2) First modeling of vehicle scheduling graphical person-computer interactive approach based on a step (deficit) function. The associated  software is optimizing more than a few public-transport systems  by saving large number of buses especially in Europe and Hong Kong, e.g., KMB agency, using this model, has been able to save more than 20 double-decker buses; (3) Development of the first method for constructing practical design of an efficient public-transport network of routes. This problem is known to be complex; (4) First development of prudent public-transport timetables that optimize the correspondence of vehicle-departure times with passenger demand; and (5) First formulation and solution of the public-transport route-choice dilemma.

International Recognition

Avi Ceder Published so far 8 professional books, 1 narrative book, 5 scientific-book chapters, over 200 refereed papers in scientific journals and books from which 51 – as a sole author, and over 100 in the past 10-year (2013-2023).

Cartoon 4Was invited to be a keynote/plenary/distinguished speaker 38 times in the last 20 years in prestige international conferences, from which 25 Keynote Lectures are of the last 15 years, [EXPO, 2008, Saragossa], [BRT, 2008, Santiago], [CASPT, 2009, Hong Kong], [RAIL, 2009, Seoul], [“7+1” Forum, 2010, Beijing], [14th EWGT and the 26th Mini EURO, 2011, Poznan], [The XVIII International SIDT, 2011, Venice], [15th Total Logistic Management Conference, 2011, Zakopane], [1st and 2nd series “111 China’s National Project”, 2012-2014] Beijing], [Joint Symposium of Korea Land and Transport Ministries, 2013, Seoul], [ISTTT, 2013, Noordwijk, Netherlands], [ICTTS’2014, Shaoxing, China], [TransITS – COST, Paris, 2015], [COTA’2015, Beijing, China], [6th IPTF, Seoul, Korea, 2016], [COTA’2016, Shanghai, China], [KOTI 30th. Sejong, Korea], [5th hEART’2016, Delft, The Netherlands], [1st VOM international Conference, Hiroshima, Japan],  [Transport Summit DTU, Copenhagen 2017], and [COTA’2017, Shanghai-Tongji Uni, China], [5th China-Korea Joint Seminar, Daejeon, Korea, 2018], [TUMCREATE Symposium 2018, NUS, Singapore], [2nd VOM international Conference, Hiroshima, Japan, 2019], [5th World Transport Forum, BTI, Beijing, China, 2019], and [China International Public Transport Conference, BPTC, Beijing, China, 2021] and [CEE Distinguished Seminar Series, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, 2023].

Serving currently as Senior Editor and Associate Editor of international Journals; Member of two prestige international conferences steering committees; Chairperson, and sole editor of a book, of the 14th International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT) in 1999; and Chairperson of the 15th Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport (CASPT); known as CASPT2022, Tel Aviv, Israel (06-10 November 2022).